Natalia SteckelHi! My name is Natalia Steckel, and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Let me tell you about my passion for the power of books.

Although my first language is Spanish, I have always liked English; in high school I immediately knew I was going to study translation. After graduation, I started working for various NGOs and non-profit organizations as a volunteer translator to practice my skills and gain experience. I quickly realized that I was doing much more than that; I was helping people. With that understanding, I approached my work from a different perspective; I started to see my translation skills as a way to help others communicate effectively, rather than merely as an exercise in self-improvement. 

In 2014, I started working as a translator for Babelcube ( and I discovered how much I liked working with authors. It was an excellent opportunity to combine my passion for language with my love of literature. I enjoyed reading the original stories while using my translation skills to help authors reach a wider audience.

In 2015 I added one more skill set to this combination; I got a degree in copyediting so that I can now help authors improve the style and linguistic quality of their Spanish-language projects.

Whether you’re launching a new title or expanding the sales potential for a book you’ve already published, Spanish-language readers represent an increasingly large market for your writing. You’ll find details about how we can work together under Translation Services or Editing Services. Learn more about how to get your books translated into Spanish or your Spanish-language manuscripts reviewed.