spanish editingRegarding my Spanish editing services, editing is a very important part of the translation process.

Some translators (like myself) work with an editor to submit a polished work. Others leave the editing responsibility to the author. Whether you are fluent in the target language or not, you need a professional editor to proofread the text. That is why you will find my editing services very useful.

Fiction: I will accept all genres, except erotica (steamy is fine), LGBT and horror. I can provide both line editing and copyediting services.

Non-fiction: depending on the level of technical information presented in your manuscript, I can provide copyediting services along with some light line editing, unless I am not an expert in the field. Please note that if your manuscript contains figures or formulas, they will be considered accurate unless the mistake is obvious, in which case I will point it out, but not correct it.

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